Black Myth: Wukong Trailer Drops, And The Gameplay Looks Amazing

Game Science/YouTube

After months of silence, we have gotten another look at Black Myth: Wukong. The developers released a three minute-long trailer that gives us a real look at how this mythic tale will play, and it looks like fun — though it’s still early in the game’s development.

Developers Game Science Studio first revealed the new game last August. This is the first official glimpse we’ve seen of the game since then. To recap: The game is based on the classic story Journey to the West, and the player controls the Monkey King himself, Sun Wukong.

From the first, savvy viewers have been able to peg the gameplay as Souls-like, and this new trailer supports that, though the speed of the combat looks closer to Sekiro. We can glean from this trailer that Sun Wukong is capable of using several different weapons and spells, and is even capable of taking on different forms — at one point he splits into what appears to be three rats and performs a lightning spell.

If there’s one thing that is definitely Souls-like in this trailer, is the boss monsters. While we can see Sun Wukong fighting a variety of different enemies, the second half of the trailer shows him mixing it up with a bulky, two-headed rat monster with fiery blades. And that would be Soulsian enough . . . but then a minotaur the size of a building shows up and is ready to throw down, too.

Just to be clear, we won’t be playing Black Myth: Wukong until 2023 at the earliest, according to an interview that Game Science gave to IGN China. So we’ll have to make due with these tantalizing glimpses. The video description specifies that this footage won’t be indicative of the game’s plot, but was put together to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and the beginning of the Year of the Ox.