Capcom Reveals Recent Company Leak Doesn’t Impact Development Plans

Leaks are nothing unusual for the video game industry. Eventually, word gets out ahead of their intended reveals for certain projects. Most of the time these leaks are never commented on by developers or publishers. However, some of the more significant leaks are usually met with investors looking for answers. Today, Capcom was willing to comment about a recent leak that showcased what they were working on.

Capcom’s leak came out last year which highlighted several video game projects and their intended release dates. For quite a few gamers out there, it was an exciting road map to see just what all Capcom was going to bring back into the marketplace. Unfortunately, this leak also proved to be potentially damaging to employees as well. There were over 16,000 individuals who had personal details stolen from this attack.

Most often these hacks at companies are ransomware attacks. What happens is that a group would target a company, hack for specific details and documents, and hold a ransom to the company. If the company doesn’t pay the group off then the leaked material is released online which is what happened here. While we got an early glimpse into what Capcom has planned out, investors recently had the opportunity to ask the company what this leak means for the studio today.

During the investor’s call, Capcom revealed that this leak had no significant impact on their development process. In fact, at the moment, development work has more or less returned back to normal for the company. For now, it looks like it’s business as usual for Capcom which at the moment is geared towards the upcoming launch of Resident Evil Village. Currently, Resident Evil Village is slated to release into the marketplace on May 7, 2021, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

Source: IGN