Overwatch 2 Won’t Be Releasing In 2021

Overwatch first hit the marketplace back in 2016 and since then it has been a popular FPS video game. Within the game, there was a focus around a hero-based roster rather than mindlessly shooting with various guns or explosive weapons. The mix added teams with a robust selection of heroes all with their unique attributes that could aid each other in different scenarios. However, while the installment is still popular today, it looks like there is a big change-up in the works.

Overwatch 2 was already announced, though details have been a bit scarce for this game. From what it looks like, this game will make a few enhancements along with introducing some heroes and maps to battle within. Another interesting aspect is the campaign missions which will be a first for the franchise as Overwatch launched strictly as a multiplayer game. Either way, this installment will still have a big focus on the multiplayer component for players to enjoy.

Unfortunately, it’s a game you’re not going to be able to play this year. Instead, it looks like the title is still without a launch window. This news came from an Activision investor’s call where the company was able to reveal that the upcoming Overwatch 2 video game won’t be releasing within the year. 

For now, it looks like if you’re wanting to enjoy Overwatch then you’ll still find an active community with the original game. Meanwhile, we’ll have to keep tabs on just when Overwatch 2 is slated to release along with any other new details regarding this next big chapter for the game IP. If you would like a bit more details about Overwatch in general before going out and potentially purchasing the game then I would suggest checking out our Before You Buy which can be viewed in the video embedded below.

Source: Polygon