Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Won’t Include Select DLC Due To Corruption

BioWare is known for delivering some incredible single-player narrative-driven RPG titles into the marketplace. There’s a ton of examples to look back on but in their more recent launches, fans could point out Mass Effect is an incredible RPG experience. This original trilogy was full of epic journeys, characters to meet, quests to partake in, and a storyline that was adapted to the choices you made along the way.

As a result, it wasn’t too surprising when we found that BioWare was going back to offer players a remastered collection. Dubbed as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, this collection comes packed with the first three mainline Mass Effect titles. We knew well before that this would be a game that’s not only packed with the three mainline installments but would come with visual upgrades and some mechanics. This would allow the full original storyline to be intact with no changes being made along the way.

Unfortunately, there are some issues, that players will be enduring. While there was no multiplayer added into the collection, we were supposed to receive the single-player DLCs that were released prior. That will include everything but one DLC which is is the Pinnacle Station for the first Mass Effect title. This DLC in particular didn’t have a ton of positive reviews as it only gave players the ability to go through a few different military combat scenarios.

Additionally, this DLC was developed by Demiurge Studios and not BioWare. It was a problematic DLC in the past as well since this game data was corrupted leaving it to be only available on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Speaking to Game Informer, the director for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s director, Mac Walters, revealed that they attempted to get the source files but the corruption was still too bad that they couldn’t recover it. Instead, they could either leave it out or develop the content from the ground up. With too much time required to develop the DLC, the team decided to leave it out altogether.

Source: Game Informer