Among Us Mod Adds A Sheriff Member Into The Mix

Last year was pretty lousy. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak, most of us were forced to say inside and become socially distant from each other in an attempt to prevent spreading this virus. Of course, that leads to some real downtime with jobs on halt or working from home. Being cooped up inside can lead to some insane cabin fever but fortunately, there were some entertaining video game releases to give players something to enjoy.

In fact, one of the biggest hits from last year didn’t even release in 2020. Instead, this was an indie title that launched in 2018 but gained some notoriety last year. I’m of course referring to Among Us, a game all about deception. In this title, players join together as crew members forced to do daily tasks. However, among the group are impostors that are tasked with killing the crew without gaining attention. As the game progresses, players will need to figure out just who is the impostor among the group and successfully vote them out.

Because the game blew up suddenly years after it was released, the developers had decided to go back into the game and offer updates. However, there are modders who also want to bring in new content for players. One of those mods is starting to gain traction online which is adding a Sheriff role into the mix. In this role, players will be able to kill the impostor within the map, however, if they guess wrong and kill a crew member, both players are eliminated from the game. 

This is not an official update to the game, but as mentioned, it’s gaining attention online. There are after all other popular additions to the game from fans such as the proximity chat which allows players to use voice chat with other players that are physically close together on the map. For now, we know that the developers, InnerSloth, are working on a new map to bring into the game, but we’re uncertain just what else the group has planned next. 

Source: Comicbook, Github