CD Projekt Red Offers Modding Support Tools

When 2020 hit there was a ton of anticipation for the video game industry. We had several big-name titles that fans were eager to try out alongside the upcoming launch of both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. However, as you all know this past year was a massive downer thanks to the worldwide health pandemic known as the coronavirus. We’re still enduring this virus and social distancing measures, but this virus was the cause of so many delays we were anticipating last year.

Fortunately, that just makes 2021 a more filled year for video game releases. Despite so many game delays, both Microsoft and Sony were able to deliver their next-generation platforms into the marketplace. Likewise, we had the launch of a massively anticipated and hyped game, Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red was teasing this game for years and while it took a few delays, Cyberpunk 2077 finally hit the marketplace on December 10, 2020. Unfortunately, the game launched with a mess of bugs and compatibility issues, especially to the last-generation base console models.

Still, CD Projekt Red is working on several fixes to get this game up and running. However, some of these fixes have proven to be just as problematic such as the latest Patch 1.1 update that brought in a game-breaking bug. At any rate, those on the PC platform can at least expect a whole lot more mods coming out into the scene as CD Projekt Red recently released modding support tools for the title.

Modders can now create their own unique experiences and content for others to play. Of course, players across all platforms can expect more content from CD Projekt Red as well. We know that there were planned free DLC for this game along with larger expansions as well. However, as of right now, the developers are focused on getting the base game optimized and free from as many bugs as possible.

Source: Cyberpunk