CD Projekt Red Video Apology Offers Inside Look Behind Cyberpunk 2077 Decisions

When it comes to 2020 there’s not much to look back on fondly. Thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, most would consider 2020 a loss and that the hope is 2021 is at least marginally. However, there was plenty of hype and anticipation for the video game industry. While every industry around the world was working get things shifted with employees handling business remotely, there were still plenty of hopeful companies attempting to see a product launch.

Needless to say at this point, 2020 saw a whole lot of video game project delays. It’s all understandable due to the current pandemic situation. It took time for developers to adjust to working remotely. Despite that, there were the successful launches of next-generation consoles in November of 2020. Likewise, plans still had CD Projekt Red launching their anticipated video game title, Cyberpunk 2077 before 2020 came to a close. 

Most would say that Cyberpunk 2077 would have gotten delayed out of 2020. This was leading to be the case after the title had been delayed multiple times within 2020. Ultimately, the game managed to release in December of 2020 and while it was buggy, the PC platform generally had plenty of positive reviews. However, last-generation base models of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were greatly lingering behind.

I don’t need to go behind the poor optimization for those consoles as it’s been said countless times from every publication. However, it was yesterday that we got a video upload featuring Marcin Iwinski, the co-founder of CD Projekt Red. That video can be viewed above, but within it, we get a public apology with some explanation behind Cyberpunk 2077’s launch. According to the co-founder, the thought process was to get Cyberpunk 2077 to look as good as possible on PC and from there downgrade the game for last-generation hardware consoles.

That was more difficult than the developers had anticipated which resulted in delays to get the game working as intended. While the game was set to launch in December, the developers had hope that the updates worked on would be ready in time for its launch which they didn’t accomplish. While they are sorry for the poor optimization, it’s clear that the studio is still very much focusing on providing more updates to the game which resulted in pushing DLC back.

Both the plans for free DLC is still set for 2021, everything until the latter half of 2021 is seemingly based around updating the game to eliminate as many bugs as possible. For now, CD Projekt Red has their work cut out for them, but for those that are still enjoying the title, we at least know that there are still plans this year to bring more content into the world of Night City.

Source: YouTube