Popular GTA Online Cheat Service Backs Down After Discussions With Take-Two Interactive

When it comes to online video games, there is a big cat and mouse game with hackers. There are plenty of players looking to get a competitive edge with the use of cheats. They can be annoying to deal with while others are a bit difficult to spot. Whatever the case may be, it’s a tough battle to ensure every match has an even playing ground. However, some cheaters tend to showcase their unique abilities online that ruins the fun for everyone.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a perfect example of a game that can have more than a few cheaters logged in during a game session. There’s a wide range of cheats that these players have access to which can even lead to the entire server getting dumped out forcing players to find another server in hopes that it doesn’t come packed with cheaters. Fortunately, it looks like Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, is working to ensure that they get rid of as many cheat sources as possible. 

One of the more ideal services for players to visit and purchase cheats is LunaCheats. However, if you go on to the website now you’ll find that there is nothing to purchase. Instead, there is only a message alerting visitors that they are no longer distributing cheat menu services and that all of their profits made will be donated to a charity. This came after a discussion from Take-Two Interactive which convinced the service to shut down its services.

Again, this is nothing new as there are several attempts to prevent cheaters and those that sell cheats. You have the typical wave of bans that locks accounts from accessing the online service but you also have companies that go after sellers such as a recent report we did regarding Bungie and Riot Games both teaming up for a lawsuit against a cheat software sold by GatorCheats. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get everyone to stop using cheats so this will continue to be an ongoing battle with game companies and modders. 

Source: Eurogamer