DOTA 2 Outlines Spring Cleaning Update

Valve has outlined upcoming changes for DOTA 2, in what they have dubbed the Spring Cleaning Update. We’ll go through the highlights below.

You can alt-click on inventory items to let your team know it is ready, cooling down, or needs mana. Quick Buy indicates how long before items out of stock cooldown, and the Quick Buy purchase hotkey picks the 1st eligible item. You will also see item purchase notifications on the right as a graphical popup, and when the hero dies, you can now choose ‘Grab All’ in the stash.

For the interface, you can toggle a new screen effect that appears when you die, and units you control no longer get automatically deselected. You can now send friend requests on the scoreboards, and you can see all active battle point and event point boosters in game.

The Settings interface has gone through a revamp. League match screens now use Official Player Names, and the client will display region ping text results at the region selection screen.

These models have been added  as economy items for the workshop: Terrorblade, Timbersaw, Venomancer, Treant Protector, Magnus, Lifestealer, Clockwerk, Vengeful Spirit, Elder Titan, and Puck.

Valve is adding in two new treasures: the Treasure of Sinister Arcanery, and the Treasure of the Cosmic Abyss. You can buy these treasures from the DOTA 2 Store or game client, and are immediately available, so no need to unseal or go through treasure drops. Subsequently, you can sell these treasures on the Steam Community Market.

The Spring Cleaning update also comes with a host of bug fixes, which you may or may not have noticed in gameplay. You can get all the details here.