Interactive Game for the Blind Grail to the Thief Launches on Kickstarter

A group called For All to Play recently launched their Kickstarter campaign for their interactive audio adventure game Grail to The Thief for the blind and visually impaired. 

"Grail to the Thief is an interactive audio adventure for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that can be played using only sound, without the need for visuals. The game has been designed with the needs of the blind and visually impaired in mind but is also designed to be played by the non-impaired. Our goal is to deliver an exciting, immersive experience in which the player will always be fully aware of what is happening through the use of voice-overs, sound effects, ambient sound and music," the game's page reads.

Players will be able to make choices using a dialogue tree instead of typing the commands and responses necessary. The story is about thief Hank Krang in the near future who suddenly gets his hands on a self-aware time machine. He decides to steal priceless artifacts from the past. His first adventure is to acquire the Holy Grail from the Arthurian era.

People can donate up to $5,000 and the perks range from acknowledgments, DRM free copy of the game, access to the script, and involvement in the production among many others. If they achieve their stretch goals, the developer will be able to port it to mobile devices, add a playable female character, and Spanish localization.

The game's prototype is available here and you only need a web browser to access it. You can also vote for them on Steam Greenlight too. 

Grail to the Thief will be available DRM free on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in August 2014 if successfully funded.