Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Xbox One Page Goes Live, Includes Description


The official Japanese Xbox One page has launched today with a catalogue of games for Microsoft’s next-gen console. Along with details about the console itself, the page comes replete with a catalogue of games destined to land on the device after its launch later this year.

Among the games to be given their own special page is Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III, featuring the announcement trailer from E3 2013, a trio of new screenshots, and a brief description of the game.

The translation for the game’s description on the page is as follows, via KHInsider:

In the latest entry of the KINGDOM HEARTS series, a grown Sora will journey to a new adventure. Next generation platform specs are being utilized, actions are more exhilarating than ever, and offers a mechanism that is jam-packed with (ride) attractions. The compilation of the series has expanded the storyline to an impressive scale and it will evolve into a work of rich entertainment.

In addition to the notable themes of KINGDOM HEARTS, a new essence is being implemented to Disney worlds. Only in KINGDOM HEARTS this experience can be played and please look forward to it by all means.

Xbox One comes out in Japan on September 4, 2014. Readers should however keep in mind that Kingdom Hearts III is not slated to launch with the release of the console, and is expected to come out only sometime next year. It'll also be out for the PlayStation 4.