More PlayStation IPs Will Receive Cinematic Adaptations

Sony is an entertainment media company and while we mainly focus on the video game side of things from Sony, it’s worth bringing out attention to movies or television shows based on video game IPs. There’s been a lot of them in the works lately and it could be a new wave of successful hits much like how the Marvel cinematic universe blew up. There’s still plenty of time to tell if this new wave of video game movie and television show adaptations will take off, but it’s clear that Sony has an interest in making their video game titles into hit cinematic experiences.

Right now, we know that Sony has two big IPs being adapted into a live-action experience. For those that are not aware, we have Uncharted. This is a movie adaptation that will be taking place before the video game titles so we’re going to see a younger Nathan Drake portrayed by Tom Holland as he sets off on a grand adventure with his mentor, Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg. We’ve only seen some images for this movie at the moment, so we’re still waiting on a big trailer reveal.

With that said, there’s also The Last of Us adaptation. This adaptation is set to be an HBO series and it appears that we’ll get a storyline that follows the first video game title. Unfortunately, we don’t have any news regarding the cast so we’re a ways off before seeing any big marketing material for this series. Despite that, Sony is making it clear that they are wanting to see more of their video game IPs hit the market for either television series or movies. 

This bit of news comes from CES 2021, where PlayStation head, Jim Ryan made note that these upcoming adaptations are just the beginning of Sony’s expansion in storytelling. We’re not sure just what other IPs may be in the works, but Sony has a large catalog of video game titles that they can go back and see just which would be appealing to a new audience. 

Source: IGN