New Uncharted Movie Images Surface Online

Uncharted was a massive video game franchise from development studio Naughty Dog. This studio was known for delivering a cinematic gameplay experience as of late. In a lot of ways, most would consider Uncharted to be a game that’s suitable for a movie adaptation as it already felt like a great adventure film. While there was quite a bit of chatter about an Uncharted movie being in the works, it wouldn’t be until last year that the production got started. 

There were several changes for the production as well such as the director and cast attached to this film. However, the Uncharted movie has since finished filming and viewers can get ready for a trailer likely to pop up online at some point within the coming months. Until then, there are four new pictures from the movie production which you can view online. These images come directly from the Uncharted movie Twitter account and it looks like there are a few prop pieces from this narrative along with a hand, but unfortunately, there are no action images from the cast of characters. 

In the past, Tom Holland showcased his costume for the young Nathan Drake he’s portraying in the upcoming film and Mark Wahlberg had followed suit for being the iconic Sully mentor. These images are merely a tease of what we will be seeing when the movie supposedly releases later this year. Again, we don’t know much about the film at this point other than that the Uncharted movie will take place before the video game installments.

While production has wrapped up on filming, Naughty Dog still has another production to see come into play with The Last of Us. If you haven’t heard, Naughty Dog’s iconic series, The Last of Us is also getting a live-action treatment but instead of a movie, we can expect a live-action television series featured on HBO. Currently, there are no details regarding the cast.

Source: Twitter