CD Projekt Red Confirms Popular Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit Thread Is Fake

CD Projekt Red before 2020 was a studio that could do no wrong in a lot of people’s eyes. These were the folks that brought out the incredibly popular RPG trilogy, The Witcher. After those three iconic games were released, we knew that their next big installment would be Cyberpunk 2077, a game that continued to get hyped up for its launch. Years of anticipation and hype leading to December 10, 2020, which was met with some massive backlash.

Cyberpunk 2077 looked to be a game that’s too good to be true. An incredible immersive RPG experience that fans would get to lose countless hours within. When the game finally started to get review copies out, there were some big red flags. CD Projekt Red would only release the PC version for review and the footage that could be showcased alongside the review was supplied directly by the studio which means, we didn’t get to see the experience that reviewers had.

We knew that there were plenty of bugs but again, reviewers could showcase their footage at the time and we had no way of knowing how the console platform versions handled. It was clear that when this game launched, players were experiencing a buggy mess, and console players, especially on the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms were given a game that couldn’t run.

There was so much backlash for these bugs that even investors started to fire out lawsuits against CD Projekt Red for leading them to believe Cyberpunk 2077 was in much better shape than what it was for the launch date. While we wait and see what comes from these legal battles, we’re finding that CD Projekt Red is still doing some damage control.

One thread on Reddit got a ton of attention which supposedly unveiled a developer’s thoughts on what happened with development along with plans for the future. It’s best to not put much weight into these rumors but the thread blew up in popularity. It was so popular that CD Projekt Red took to Twitter and revealed that the story written up is false. For now, we’re still waiting to see just what was going on during development, the decisions made by management, and of course what the future holds for Night City.

Source: Twitter