Sony Reportedly Offering Refunds To PS Plus Games

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all offer players a premium subscription service to their console platforms. Each brings a few incentives to pay a monthly to a yearly fee as well. Not only are players gaining access to the likes of discounted video game titles but access to multiplayer gameplay and even free monthly video game titles. For instance, Sony recently revealed the PlayStation Plus video game titles coming out this coming January. 

However, the monthly video game titles are never known well in advance. Usually, we get the word a week or so before the actual release of these video games of what’s coming out. As a result, there will be video game titles that are offered that you might have already purchased. Normally, there’s nothing you can do about this but to continue enjoying the game and wait out until the following month for a new mix of titles that you might not have already purchased.

One of the video games coming out in January for the PlayStation Plus subscription service is Maneater, an RPG of sorts where players take the role of a shark that attacks other sea critters to humans. It’s a relatively new title as well and players who purchased the game for Sony’s console are finding an alert when they start the console up. 

Again, according to reports, it seems that Sony is offering refunds to those that purchased Maneater. The game will remain available on the player’s accounts and can enjoy the title right now just as they would normally, but this will at least give back to those that purchased the game and are also a subscriber to PlayStation Plus. There’s still a lot we don’t know about these refunds just as who all will receive them and if this will be an on-going measure for other newer titles that become available through PlayStation Plus. 

Source: Gamerant