Rumors Online Claim UPlay Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

There’s an influx of never-ending rumors emerging online about the video game industry. From IPs getting canned, sequels in the works, developers leaving studios, to what’s coming out shortly. We can’t possibly keep up on all the rumors online and unless it’s something that really circulates on the web, I typically avoid reading into anything. 

However, we’re in the slow season of gaming as we’re all still enjoying these holiday breaks. As a result, some rumors are starting to get more traffic online. One of those rumors is attaching itself to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Microsoft brought out a new way for players to enjoy video game titles regularly without having to spend a fortune on new releases. Thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, all first-party exclusive titles that launch into the marketplace from Xbox studios would be available on the Xbox Game Pass. 

This could save players quite a bit of money as it means not having to fetch out the funds for a brand new video game title but rather a small monthly fee. It wasn’t long ago that Xbox Game Pass added EA Play into the mix which opened up quite a few EA games to be added into the mix for players on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the PC platforms sometime within 2021. Now a rumor is suggesting that Ubisoft’s UPlay will be added into the Xbox Game Pass service as well.

UPlay, which is now known as Ubisoft Connect, has an optional subscription service onto known as Ubisoft Plus which would give players access to Ubisoft’s library of video game titles. If this service is added into the mix, then it could make joining Xbox Game Pass even more enticing than before. Likewise, this may give Sony incentive to have an answer to Xbox Game Pass, a service that is seemingly expanding to more platforms.

Source: DualShockers