Dying Light 2 Update Coming After New Year

After Dead Island, the development studio behind the popular zombie title, Techland, went to work on another undead action-adventure with survival horror elements called Dying Light. That game came out in 2015 and it once again offered players a mix of melee and firearm combat against swarms of undead zombies. Furthermore, there was the parkour traversing system that made players feel a bit swift when going around buildings or running away from hostile threats. While this game was a hit when it launched, it’s taking fans a bit longer than expected to play the sequel.

We knew Dying Light 2 was in development back in 2018 where the goal was to release the title in early 2020. Gameplay resembled Dying Light with the developers offering more choice and consequence mechanics throughout the narrative. While fans are eager to dive into this sequel, we haven’t seen much about this game at all for a good while as Dying Light 2 was quick to get delayed out of 2020 when the year hit.

For fans, there has been a long period of silence from the studio and that’s going to change after the new year. Recently, the developers from Dying Light commented on the Discord channel that they are eager to tell fans more about this upcoming Dying Light 2 video game. However, it won’t be until after the new year which means we will hopefully get to see some kind of a developer update within January of 2021. 

Perhaps we’ll get more information about when the title will release into the marketplace or what changes have been made. Furthermore, there will likely be some interest in what will come for this title after it launches. All-in-all, it’s still just a waiting game, but one that the developers at least acknowledge there’s an update planned for this game once 2021 hits.

Source: Comic Book