Walmart Reveals They Stopped Over 20 Million Next-Gen Bot Purchases

This has been quite the hyped year for the video game industry. Well before 2020 came we knew that both Microsoft and Sony would be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, we didn’t expect the number of roadblocks that would be put in everyone’s way when 2020 hit. Thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there is a massive change-up in how we go out of our daily lives.

Despite the virus outbreak, both Microsoft and Sony were able to bring out their next-generation video game consoles into the marketplace. Now fans can dive into the likes of the Xbox Series X/S or the PlayStation 5. However, a lot of us can’t dive into either because it’s nearly impossible to get our hands on a unit. We’re dealing with a lot that can contribute to just why there is such a difficult time for players obtaining these new consoles.

For starters, we’re dealing with a worldwide health pandemic. We can’t rely on these consoles being in physical retailers. Additionally, there is a holiday season coming up where most of these gifts are purchased for loved ones to receive later this month. Lastly, you have all this hype for a new console launch which means resellers are doing their utmost best to obtain any stock.

Resellers are a big problem when it comes to the number of units available. There are bots not being used that allow resellers to purchase a massive supply of stock for various retailers as soon as they become available. Afterward, the stock is flipped online for some massive profits. However, Walmart is one retailer that is doing its best to avoid resellers getting their hands on these units. It’s been noted through the corporate website from Walmart that they have already stopped over 20 million bots from purchasing units from their latest supply and their work continues to stop more bots when possible.

It seems that retailers are starting to do their part but it’s an ongoing battle. Bots can be rewritten and that will make it another battle for retailers to determine just which purchase is from a customer along with obvious bots.

Source: Walmart