Upcoming Mass Effect Game Being Developed By Original Team

The Game Awards just happened last night and if you missed it then you missed not only the awards handed out to various developers and actors for their accomplishments but video game announcements as well. Each year The Game Awards will hold several video game reveals that were not previously showcased and this year was no different. We had several surprise announcements throughout the night. Included in the mix was a brand new Mass Effect title.

BioWare unveiled prior to The Game Awards that they would be showcasing Dragon Age 4 which they did through a small cinematic trailer. However, The Game Awards closed out the night with a teaser to a brand new Mass Effect video game. We don’t know anything about the title just yet as the teaser only reveals that the Mass Effect franchise will continue on. That was enough to give fans plenty of praise towards BioWare but it looks like there’s another reason to be excited over this upcoming video game installment.

It looks like Mass Effect means a lot not only to the fans that picked up the video games years ago but to the development team as well. A lot of work went into the Mass Effect trilogy and after the less than the successful launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, expectations are set high for this upcoming installment. In fact, it looks like former BioWare developers were happy to rejoin the development team once again to ensure that this next installment is one that stays true to its roots.

BioWare’s Project Director, Michael Gamble, took to Twitter in order to reveal a few key members so far that are attached to this upcoming video game. For instance, we know that Dusty Everman and Parrish Ley had rejoined BioWare to help bring the new Mass Effect video game to life. Alongside some of the developers that rejoined the studio, there are veteran employees that were around from the original trilogy days that are attached to this video game as well.

Source: Twitter