Sony Rumored To Hold Event Early 2021

2020 has been quite an unusual year for everyone. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak, all major events were essentially shut down this year. This meant all the usual expos and conventions that we usually tune in for the latest video game announcements and reveals didn’t get their usual showcases. However, while we didn’t get some of these in-person showcases, there were some alternative online streams.

Sony has been transitioning into stream focused showcases prior to 2020. While most companies were still focusing on E3 to show their latest and greatest software or hardware, Sony was seeking their own events. As a result, we received a State of Play video uploads. These video uploads were done a lot like how Nintendo handles their Nintendo Direct videos. We get an already edited video that shows up as a stream and later uploaded as a video.

We’re not sure just when the next showcase will happen but an industry insider claims that we can expect a new Sony event sometime either January or February. This comes from Dusk Golem who has had a proven track record when it comes to Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise. Of course, this is only a rumor for now as we’re still waiting on confirmation from Sony.

Regardless, this is not too far fetched of a rumor. We’re going to be starting a new year, we have the latest generation video game console platform from Sony, the PlayStation 5, and we’ll be coming off the holiday season. Of course, most consumers are still having problems just getting a PlayStation 5 console as the retail stock is quickly being bought up by bots and resellers. This upcoming stream may cater to a relatively small group of individuals that own a PlayStation 5.

Source: Twitter