Halo Infinite Won’t Have Loot Boxes

There have been quite a few anticipated video game titles that were slated to launch in 2020. Things didn’t go well this year obviously with the worldwide health pandemic outbreak. This virus ultimately pushed things back quite a bit for every industry. Work was halted and what jobs could be transitioned remotely had went through the process of getting everyone situated. However, there were still quite a few video games that we’re hopeful to see a launch before 2021 hit.

Among the few was Halo Infinite. The next thrilling installment to the franchise after the launch of Halo 5 Guardians was something fans were eager to dive into. Halo is a big staple franchise for Microsoft and it was projected that Halo Infinite would launch alongside the next-generation console release of the Xbox Series X. Fans were waiting for a gameplay trailer to release and while there were rumors that a gameplay footage video would be showcased during E3 2019, all that fans received was a cinematic trailer. However, there was the promise of a gameplay trailer that would be set for a reveal during E3 2020. 

As you know that didn’t happen as the worldwide pandemic essentially shut down all the major in-person events such as E3 2020. It took a bit longer but we finally got our first look at the gameplay footage of Halo Infinite during the Microsoft Xbox Series X stream event that took place this summer. It was met with a backlash of comments from gamers disappointed in how the game looked visually. This ultimately caused the game to be delayed until 2021.

While we still have a bit of a wait to endure it looks like 343 Industries is ready to showcase more about the game. In a recent update, we got a look at some new screenshots along with a launch window for Halo Infinite. However, it was also noted that players won’t have to expect any loot boxes when the game launches. 

It looks like there won’t be any loot boxes or microtransactions that would provide a random reward. This might be some great news for gamers but again, we’re having to wait a bit before more footage is showcased about the title. In the meantime, you can check out the previously released gameplay trailer footage down below.

Source: Halo Waypoint