Halo Infinite Receives New Screenshots

Halo is a massive video game franchise for Microsoft as it’s been a console seller for generations now. Ever since the launch of the original Xbox, Microsoft had Bungie deliver a new installment for fans of this science fiction FPS. However, things changed hands with the IP as Bungie opted to bounce out of this franchise and work on something different. With Bungie now working on the Destiny franchise, 343 Industries was given the reigns to this IP with their focus to deliver new compelling installments for a massive fan base.

However, it’s been a bit of a miss for 343 Industries as of late. Fans were not as fond of Halo 5 Guardians and their next installment to bring out the next-generation console for Microsoft being delayed out of the 2020 calendar year. Fans were waiting years to see what Halo Infinite would be like and while we had promised that gameplay would be coming out for E3 2020, things didn’t pan out as planned with the worldwide health pandemic outbreak. 

We finally received the gameplay footage during a Microsoft stream event this past summer. Of course, that showcase wasn’t met with the warm reception that 343 Industries and Microsoft had hoped for. Instead, fans were quick to point out some graphical issues and the overall feeling that Halo Infinite was not showcasing what they had hoped for in a next-generation Xbox Series X video game. This, as mentioned, forced Microsoft and 343 Industries to push their game back and was forced to miss their intended launch date alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console platforms.

Since the delay happened, we’ve been waiting to get a look at this game again and today we’re finding out that some new screenshots were being shared from the studio. With the screenshots, we are given word that the development team is still working on some visual upgrades and polish they have been working on since the delay. It’s looking like that the team is getting ready to showcase some of their hard work but it might be a bit before we get a look at some new gameplay footage.

Source: Halo Waypoint