Microsoft Xbox Marketing GM Asks Fans To Dial Down The Game Awards Expectations

The Game Awards is set to take place tomorrow, December 10, 2020, and it’s an annual event where we get to celebrate video games. It’s been a weird year in general with this health pandemic outbreak that struck the entire world, but even though we are dealing with this virus, it’s still allowed developers to bring out some rather great video game titles. We even have the latest generation of video game console platforms as well, although they are hard to come by now.

Each year we get to gather around and watch The Game Awards as they showcase different video games and studios for their incredible accomplishments. However, that’s still not all as we are usually met with several new video game title announcements that were not previously showcased. While this year has been an odd one with the virus pandemic, viewers can still expect to see plenty of new video game title reveals.

This confirmation came from the host of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley as he spoke about the upcoming ceremony during a Reddit AMA. In the thread, it was asked just how many video game reveals there will be. According to Geoff, viewers can expect over a dozen new video game announcements that were not previously showcased. That has quite a few excited and some expectations might be a bit too high.

In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox Marketing GM, Aaron Greenberg, recently took to Twitter and alerted followers that while Microsoft will have a few appearances throughout The Game Awards, the expectations that he’s seeing on the internet is a bit too high. It’s best we start to dial back expectations from Microsoft who took last year’s event opportunity to reveal the likes of the Xbox Series X and the next installment to the Hellblade franchise.

Source: Twitter