Telltale Games Dug Out Some Classics To Release

Telltale Games was a big name in the video game industry. It was certainly a name to take note of thanks to their line of adventure games. For years the studio was pushing out some adventure games that were focused more on choices and consequences while centered around iconic IPs. We’ve had everything from Batman, Game of Thrones, to The Walking Dead come out from Telltale Games.

However, over the last year, the studio was in business some horror reports were coming out. It didn’t end well as the studio went under which was during the development of The Walking Dead’s final season. No one knew if that game would even finish up as fans were given two episodes before closure. Fortunately, fans did receive the final episodes after another studio stepped in to finish the game off

It looked like Telltale Games was officially done for. That’s until another company came in and picked the studio back up. We haven’t seen anything from this new incarnation of Telltale Games yet. Instead, we know that they are bringing out a sequel to the beloved series, The Wolf Among Us, but again that’s about all we know. Now it looks like there is some more effort in digging up the past as the studio announced they’ve been digging through the Telltale archives.

This latest announcement came from the official Telltale Games Twitter account where the studio unveiled that they are bringing out three games into the digital storefront. The three include Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, and lastly, Texas Hold ‘Em. These games are available through GOG, Steam, Robot Cache, and Green Man Gaming.

It’s some early video game projects from Telltale Games but at the very least it’s something that perhaps fans might find an interest in. Other than that we don’t know just what the studio has planned for this coming year. Hopefully, we’ll get some new details regarding The Wolf Among Us season 2, but so far we’re uncertain just when the next big announcement will come out.

Source: Twitter