Cyberpunk 2077 Unlock Times Unveiled

There were several anticipated video game titles launching this year and while a few managed to get delayed into 2021. We came to expect a few games wouldn’t make it into the 2020 launch window. This was due to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak that we’re still dealing with. While developers transitioned from working under a studio roof to handling business remotely, this ultimately caused delays across the board. That means some of your more anticipated video games might have gotten pushed out a bit further back than originally expected, but that wasn’t the case for Cyberpunk 2077

Easily one of the more anticipated video games going into 2020 has been Cyberpunk 2077. This video game was hyped well before there were any trailers or gameplay footage to discuss. All this hype came for good reason as the studio behind this IP is CD Projekt Red, who has proved themselves as a AAA game developer. Previously, this studio had brought out the likes of The Witcher trilogy. 

You can expect a quite immersive and filled world to go through when the game finally launches into the market. That’s been an iffy subject these past few months. CD Projekt Red was confirming a release in 2020, but the title would go through four delays. One of those delays put the game in November where it received gold status and even then the development studio pushed the game back to December.

Now it looks like December 10, 2020, is going to be the date that CD Projekt Red releases this game for the majority of the markets. If you’re wondering just when exactly you’ll get the chance to play the game then we have the official release times. While December 10, 2020, is marked for consoles, it looks like PC players will get a chance to enjoy it a bit early. Currently, console players can expect the game at midnight local time. Meanwhile, PC and Google Stadia players will find the game unlocking at midnight GMT. This means December 9, 2020, at 7 PM EST or 4 PM PST.

Source: Twitter