Bethesda’s Todd Howard Feels Fallout 76 Let Players Down

Bethesda is a massive video game development studio. It’s been around for years and chances are you played some of their games in the past. While the studio has brought out quite a few video game titles over the years, you might know them best from The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises. These two IPs are not only some massive money makers for Bethesda, but they have a following eagerly awaiting new game installments. Likewise, for years, Bethesda was known for its single-player RPG experience. 

That changed up a few times over the years with one of those games is Fallout 76. When Bethesda brought this game out to the world, it was unveiled to be an MMO. Fallout 76 was a different kind of Fallout experience as you would be working with players all around the world. In the game, players are survivors from Vault 76 who are tasked with cleaning up the world and building up settlements. 

We knew quite early on that Fallout 76 was a different kind of a game with no real storyline or quests to complete. Rather, players would make up their own stories as they explored and build settlements or battle against other players. It was clear though, fans didn’t care for this new MMO direction. The game was missing some of its essences and that forced Bethesda back into development quite early on. Speaking to The Guardian, Bethesda’s Todd Howard spoke of the early release of Fallout 76 and according to him, Bethesda let a lot of people down.

However, because this is an MMO game that can be evolved, the development team was able to go back in and make some necessary changes. Now Fallout 76 offers these quest lines and new content from the various update. Still, Todd Howard did notice that there were still quite a few people that treated these online MMO games like Fallout 76 as a single-player experience. For now, Fallout 76 is still very much supported by Bethesda, but the team has two big projects in the works.

Currently, we know Bethesda is developing a brand new IP called Starfield which we know nothing about. Likewise, after the launch of Starfield, we will be seeing the release of the next Elder Scrolls title. Although, with the recent purchase of ZeniMax Media from Microsoft which comes with Bethesda, we’re not sure if there will be any significant changes coming from the studio or not.

Source: The Guardian