Fall Guys Will Debut Season 3 During The Game Awards

2020 was quite a hectic year. The entire world was, and still is, enduring a health pandemic outbreak. This coronavirus is proving to be problematic and it caused several markets around the world to get lockdown. With most jobs transitioned to working remotely and not being able to gather socially, there was plenty of people starving for entertainment. This prompted a big boom for the video game industry.

Not only was hardware sales up but so was software. One of those titles that really boomed at launch was Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. With so many of us stuck inside, the release saw a massive audience right away especially since the game was released as a PlayStation Plus title. Fans could dive into Fall Guys if they were a PlayStation Plus subscriber for free, otherwise, they could purchase a copy on PlayStation 4 or the PC platform.

The game was quite the addicting battle royale title. Players were dropped into a map with a total of sixty contestants that were forced to reach the end of the map in a race or completing a series of mini-games in hopes of progressing. It wasn’t long before fans started to get a bit weary of the same content which is what prompted season updates. The second season saw content based around medieval times with new levels and cosmetics.

Now we know the third season coming out is based around winter. Outside of that, we don’t know much about the season content. That will soon change as we’re apparently going to get some information during The Game Awards which is set to take place on December 10, 2020. This is usually an event that not only showcases games and developers’ achievements this year, but it will also present new video game announcements as well. 

Source: Twitter