Sony San Diego Development Studio Loses A Game Designer

It’s a big push for both Microsoft and Sony to deliver thrilling content with this next-generation video game console platforms. While both certainly have a pretty full collection of studios and IPs to deliver content into this next console platform generation, other studios are being crafted up without any real announcements or confirmations. One of those studios is Sony’s San Diego location. A studio that hasn’t been fully revealed or given much attention to.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen this studio get a few notable developers to get hired on to work on a project. Again, nothing was unveiled so just what the studio is working on remains to be seen, however, there was already a notable exit from a developer. John Bautista has worked on several video games over the years such as the 2010 release of Splatterhouse to the 2013 Killer Instinct launch.

Now the developer has announced on his official Twitter account that he has left Sony San Diego. According to this Tweet, the developer was proud of what the team was able to accomplish during all the craziness we’re going through right now in the world, however, his time with the studio has come to an end. This leads to several publications online and fans to assume that the worst has come to the studio and that perhaps the studio had closed. 

That’s not likely the case according to John Bautista who recently followed up on the Tweet through his official Twitter account. In the Tweet, John noted that the decision to leave Sony San Diego was due to his own personal circumstances, and as far as he knows the studio is still working on the project. Again, just what the project may be is anyone’s guess right now, but it at least looks like the studio is not scrapped but just down a developer.

Source: Twitter