Keanu Reeves Loves Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

There were quite a few anticipated video game titles for 2020 but there’s easily one that tops them all. Everyone is aware and eagerly awaiting to get their hands on a copy of Cyberpunk 2077. The video game has had a following for years, long before there were any big trailers and gameplay footage reveals. A lot of the hype and attention comes from CD Projekt Red’s past work, The Witcher trilogy. 

After having some time to showcase their skills at delivering a highly immersive and thrilling RPG series, fans knew that whatever the studio was to bring out next would become a hit. Cyberpunk 2077 has since been hyping up its launch and gameplay. Through a series of trailers and streams called Night City Wire’s, players can get a bit more information about Cyberpunk 2077 as they gear up towards its release.

Of course, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 has been a troublesome one. This game has been delayed multiple times so far. After initially getting an April 2022 release date, the developers pushed the game back to September and then once again in November. When we got the November release date, it wasn’t long after that we heard CD Projekt Red had reached the Gold status for the video game. Most assumed that we wouldn’t see the game get delayed again especially when the developers continued to confirm the November launch.

Unfortunately, we got another delay in November that pushed the game to December. While the developers are confirming that December 10, 2020, is the official launch date of Cyberpunk 2077, we’re still finding more information about the game. In fact, CD Projekt Red recently had an investors call that had new information for investors on the game and the development studio. One of those new details came in the form of actor Keanu Reeves.

“The next question from [indiscernible], has Keanu Reeves played the game? Yes. Yes. He played the game. But as far as I know, haven’t finished yet. So — but definitely, he played the game and he loves it.”

As you’re all likely aware, Keanu Reeves is one of the actors that voiced and portrayed a character in Cyberpunk 2077. Now we’re finding out that the actor has a copy of Cyberpunk 2077 already and has been playing the game. According to the head of CD Projekt Red, Adam Kicinski, the actor hasn’t finished the game yet according to his understanding but has stated that the actor is in love with the title. In other news regarding the upcoming title, we know that the multiplayer component will be detailed in 2021. Likewise, information regarding the expansions and DLC will come after the base game launches into the market.

Source: Seeking Alpha