Rumor: Two Additional Halo Games Are Being Developed

Halo is a staple video game franchise for Microsoft. It’s been an iconic science fiction FPS where players take on the role of Master Chief and battle against alien forces. Since the original Xbox console launched, there have been Halo games available and that tradition won’t break anytime soon. We know that there is Halo Infinite currently being developed for a launch on the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC platforms. 

However, what you might find surprising is that this might not be the only Halo game currently in development. While the Halo Infinite reveal and gameplay footage was lackluster and ultimately forced 343 Industries to delay the game for further development, it might be the first of a string of Halo games set in the coming years. There is a rumor circulating on the web right now that two additional Halo games are being developed.

Rumors for the video game industry are quickly brought out and spread online like wildfires so don’t put much weight on this one. However, the rumors circulating is that two Halo spin-off titles will be launching that connects to Halo Infinite. If these rumors are true, we can expect one of the games to be Halo Wars 3, another installment to the RTS series. 

Another installment is just said to be during the same events as Halo: Infinite but will be following Fireteam Osiris. Again these are just rumors and oftentimes these rumors don’t get disbanded right away, or ever, by the IP owners. So there’s no way of knowing how accurate, if at all, these rumors are. In the meantime, we can still expect Halo: Infinite to make its debut into the marketplace for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the PC platform this coming year, 2021. 

Source: Comicbook