A New Most Expensive Video Game Has Been Auctioned Off


Video games have and are continuing to be called art. Fans enjoy these creations from developers and some title franchises have spanned decades. There are several iconic video game IPs that even non-gamers could point out. For instance, one of the biggest would be Nintendo’s mascot, Mario. It’s been a character that’s become such a worldwide icon that you would be hard-pressed not to find someone that doesn’t know about Mario.

Being around for decades, it can be a challenge to find some of those earlier video game titles not only sealed but in good condition. However, one copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 not only managed to check both boxes but is now labeled the most expensive video game ever sold. There are some rare gems that collectors seek after, but Super Mario Bros. 3 from 1990 had an early print run that made the box highly sought after. 

The box in question had the title covering up one of Mario’s hands. This was altered not long after which makes the first printing hard to come by in general. One of those mint copies managed to get sold at Heritage Auctions which went for $156,000. That is a massive amount of money and it goes without saying, it will be tough to top that in an auction setting for a video game.

This just goes to show that video game titles can be extremely collectible and we’re talking about 1990. That’s not that long ago and it could mean we may be digging out our parent’s attics or basements in hopes of finding that treasure trove of video game titles we grew up with as kids. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what that next big-ticket item is in the video game world which will top this title in an auction setting.

Source: VGC