Fall Guys Developers Are Gearing Up For Season 3

Fall Guys was a mega-hit when it first launched into the market. The video game came out into the market at the perfect time as well. This pandemic had most of us in quarantine and starving for entertainment. With the help of being available on the PlayStation 4 as a PlayStation Plus title along with a PC release, Fall Guys not only had a massive community of players readily available but streamers and YouTubers to showcase the game for their fan base. This resulted in an explosion of players buying the game up to enjoy online as well.

It’s a simplistic game as well. Players take the role of a bean-like character who has to complete a series of mini-games and obstacle courses. There are a total of sixty players included when the game starts and like other battle royale games, the number of players starts to drop with the last player being left standing as the winner. As mentioned, the game blew up but after so long, players began to get tired of the same levels over and over again.

That’s when the development team went on to make a second season which was themed around medieval times. The levels and cosmetics were periods focused and it gave players something new to enjoy. However, like all big indie title hits, something else popped up that took the internet by storm. Among Us was a sleeper hit and after so long, the fans that were enjoying Fall Guys quickly dropped the game in favor of this deception title.

However, it looks like a new season is in the works. We don’t have any information about it yet, but this could be another compilation of levels for players to enjoy and potentially a theme as well. Unfortunately, outside of a small tease that didn’t offer anything of what to expect, we don’t have any clue what season three will be about. Furthermore, Fall Guys has been nominated for several categories for The Game Awards. So far, the title is up for best Community Support, Indie game, Family game, and lastly Multiplayer game.

Source: Twitter