Titanfall Has Finally Come To Steam

Titanfall was the first game released under development studio Respawn Entertainment. If the name of the studio doesn’t sound familiar, these are the folks responsible for not only the Titanfall IP, but Apex Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. After a release, into the market back in 2014, fans really took to the mech concept but it was a few edges that players were hoping to be addressed if a sequel was to release into the market later on.

One of the biggest areas that fans felt the title was missing out on was a single-player campaign narrative. Instead, this was a purely online competitive game where players battled against each other in massive mechs or as a foot soldier. Both played their important roles within the game, but it wouldn’t be long before we got a sequel to the franchise. Titanfall 2 not only enhance the gameplay but also featured that campaign game mode that fans requested while also making a debut on the PlayStation 4 platform, something that was amiss in the first installment.

While fans may have been keener to going into the sequel over the first installment, it does look like the first game finally made its way onto the Steam digital marketplace. This was a surprise release and it may have some fans feeling a bit nostalgic with their interest in the title once again. However, those that decided to give the game purchase was left mainly disappointed. 

We’re seeing this game get hit with a slew of bad reviews on Steam after its launch. These reviews apparently range quite a bit too as we’re seeing some posts regarding broken servers, audio issues, and even some players finding that matchmaking is problematic with no player base really available to support this game. Perhaps this title would be better suited as a free-to-play game at this point since there’s a focus around multiplayer.

Source: Gamesradar