InFamous: Second Son Secret Location Glitch Lets You Travel Under the Map

InFamous: Second Son was in development for a long time—extended enough for its developers at Sucker Punch to get rid of most of its bugs and polish it to a sheen. That being said, it’s not without its bugs, which are a few and far in between.

We’d like to highlight one particular bug that’s been ailing (or amusing, rather) players. It’s easy to reproduce and happens in a specific area of the game’s Seattle, WA map in the Paramount district.

You won't find too many areas like this in the game, and expect this bug to be dealt with as soon as Sucker Punch is done doing whatever it is they're doing, so enjoy it while it lasts.

As seen in the screenshots below, the bug allows you to traverse underground, through the floor and get to areas where you shouldn’t be. Hit them up for the details.