Some Unlucky Consumers May Find Their Xbox Series X Amazon Pre-orders Arrive By Dec 31st

2020 was such an anticipated and hyped up year for the video game industry. We had two new next-generation video game console platforms launching, new video game titles, and just overall high expectations for a solid year of gaming. Unfortunately, no one could have expected the entire world to get hit by a health pandemic outbreak due to the coronavirus. While events closed down and lockdowns were being placed, there were alerts going out from both Sony and Microsoft that their next-generation console platforms will not miss the intended November release dates. 

Fortunately, that has remained true and fans are itching to get their hands on either the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. However, we knew that there may be some limitations on just how many units will be readily available and from where players can purchase them. Sony, for instance, has already alerted followers that at launch, there wouldn’t be a PlayStation 5 unit on store shelves. This was all in an attempt to avoid further gatherings that could spread the coronavirus.

However, it looks like this latest bit of news going out online may leave some Amazon pre-order customers extremely disappointed. It seems that some consumers are receiving email alerts not even 24 hours before the launch of the Xbox Series X. These alerts are giving consumers a heads up that their console may not actually arrive until December 31, 2020, which is quite shocking. We’re not sure just how widespread this problem may be, but those that pre-ordered a unit to get on time may end up having to wait a whole lot longer than previously expected.

Some delays are usually expected with these types of consoles and big product launches. However, taking into account just how many units are likely being shipped from the retailer and add in the factor of the coronavirus, it’s not too outlandish to see delays take a bit longer. Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that some fans may end up getting a unit from another retailer without having to even pre-order and that’s likely going to sting a bit to those affected by this Amazon delay.

Source: The Verge