Capcom’s Network Compromised But No Customer Information Was Stolen


It looks like Capcom’s ransomware attack has taken over 300,000 pieces of information ranging from sales, financial information and personal information. Investigations are currently ongoing.

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Capcom has been a household name for the gamers and over the decades of being around, we’ve seen some rather big name title releases come out for players to enjoy. With the likes of Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, to Street Fighter, the franchises are rather massive. As a result of being a prominent name in the video game industry, it’s not too surprising to see Capcom be a target for a variety of reasons. 

Today we’re finding out that Capcom has been a target in a new cyber attack. This bit of news came from a press release from Capcom that alerted followers of the attack which hit some of the internal networks from the company, but there wasn’t anything that elaborated as to what was taken or compromised. Apparently, Capcom noted that there was unauthorized access from a third party on their networks which resulted in certain halted certain operations within the company. 

The development studio wanted to apologize to the stakeholders for this inconvenience, but they also wanted to ensure that no customer information was taken. Likewise, this network attack didn’t actually cause any issues to the online connection for any video games so again, we’re uncertain just where this attack was aimed at. This is especially troublesome as it wasn’t long ago that we covered another attack from a ransomware group.

If you don’t recall, Ubisoft was a target from a ransomware organization that claimed to have hacked into their network and stolen the entire source code for Watch Dogs: Legion. Usually, groups will demand money in order to avoid leaks, but apparently, the group didn’t get what they were after as they leaked the entire source code online which was a massive hit for Ubisoft. Now it looks like we could have a similar situation with Capcom, but at the moment, it’s too early to tell. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see just what investigations bring out from this recent attack.

Source: IGN

Source Update: IGN