Ransomware Group Has Stolen Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code

A Ransomware group that goes by the name Egregor has managed to hack into two notable networks. It looks like the reports going on are alerting readers that the group managed to get into both Ubisoft’s and Crytek’s network. From there, we have leaked information coming out online that is proving to be problematic for these companies. It turns out that on Crytek’s side, we have a list of projects in the works such as a Crysis VR title along with a new Ryse game. However, the biggest hit would likely be Ubisoft.

It seems that the latest title release from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs: Legion, has found its source code stolen. Over 560 GB of the code is now leaked online and it would give modders a ton of freedom to craft up content for Watch Dogs: Legion. This could mean additional mods for the game along with new updates that unofficially make the game a bit more optimized for systems. However, this also means that this game is now going to be leaked for players to download and enjoy for free. 

This is quite the hit for Ubisoft who just recently released the game so having a new AAA title seemingly in the hands of everyone online may force Ubisoft’s hand in releasing a version that is free of DRM. We’re not sure of course where this puts the development studio for future content either. Normally, when we see these hacks come out into the public, they are made with the intention of not getting leaked but rather being used to extort money. We’re not sure if this is just the first wave of releases and leaks to come out from Egregor or if they have simply released everything that was taken.

Likewise, we are wondering just how the group managed to break into the network. It’s possible that others may be targeted next. We’re sure that this is likely put a scare out there, but for now, all we can do is wait and see if the group makes any other notable announcements or leaks.

Source: Dsogaming