PlayStation 5 Destruction AllStars Will Be A PS Plus Title

If you were hoping to get your hands on a copy of Destruction AllStars next month then you’re out of luck. The video game has recently just been delayed and won’t see a launch until February of next year. However, there’s been a major change to the game, and its that the title has been shifted into a PlayStation Plus video game. This means that you can expect the title to be available for free if you’re already a PS Plus member. 

It turns out that Sony is wanting to get the game in front of as many players as possible. Since this game is centered around multiplayer, Destruction AllStars will be a PS Plus title at launch which would ensure that there is a community of players readily available to dive into the game. This is a similar setup to the likes of Fall Guys which proved to be a big hit with players enjoying the game right at launch without the need to pay for a copy. Still, this may be some surprising information to see come out for those of you who may have pre-ordered a copy of the game.

Turns out all those that pre-ordered a game will be refunded so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a copy of the game that you may already have access to at launch for free. This is according to the official PlayStation Blog post. However, what we all would like to know is just what Destruction AllStars will be about. There hasn’t been much information released since this game was fully unveiled.

We won’t have to speculate as to what the development team has crafted up much longer. According to the PlayStation Blog post, it seems that a new trailer will be released in the coming week which will have more details on the title. Until then fans will have to wait until the game releases in February to play it on the PlayStation 5.

Source: PlayStation Blog