Destiny Writer Quits as Bungie Talks Master Chief’s Influence

Bungie's Scott Shepard has spoken about the influence of Master Chief on Destiny and how the studio has moved on from the Halo franchise, Japanese site Inside reports. 

Speaking at a Game Developers Conference panel last month, Shepard said "To make a good character in Destiny, you should first look at what was successful in the past," he then pointed to an image of Master Chief. 

Shepard said it was remarkable that while Master Chief "wears a mask" he's one of the most recognised video game characters in the world. "When there are brave faceless [soldiers], they become a hero" Shepard added and said he decided to make the character in Destiny based around the idea of a "helmet without a face".

Despite Chief's influence, Bungie says players shouldn't expect Halo tactics to work in Destiny

In other Destiny news, senior writer Dave Morgan has left the studio after more than three years working on the game and expressed his high expectations for Destiny on Twitter: 

Destiny is set for release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in September while a beta will launch this summer first on PlayStation.