Control Ultimate Edition Will Need Internet Connection For Xbox One

Control was a surprise hit from Remedy Entertainment. The video game was launched last year on August 27, 2019, where it follows a young woman named Jesse Faden. In the game, Jesse is seeking out answers to her missing brother where her search eventually puts her into an old building in New York. Known as The Old House, this building is actually a headquarters for a secret government organization agency that deals with paranormal activities. 

Something went wrong and now an odd entity is loose, leaving the building staff mostly incapacitated. Hope is now left on Jesse to find out what this entity is and take it out before it’s able to break free from this building and flood into the world. While the game is filled with great campaign content, there are DLC expansions that have released giving players a bit more content to chew through.

If you didn’t pick up Control and want the full game experience, you may be interested in Control Ultimate Edition, which features the game and all the DLC released. This is quite a hefty game size and apparently, the Xbox One disc is not able to store all of the content. That’s why publisher 505 Games unveiled that to play the entire game and all its DLC, players on the Xbox One will need to connect online just once.

This internet connection will allow the game to download the rest of the game files to install on your console. From there you’ll have the entire game and DLC readily available to be played. Afterward, you don’t have to connect online to enjoy Control Ultimate Edition. While it’s not the Ultimate Edition of the game, we do have a Before You Buy episode of Control which you can view down below.

Source: 505 Games