Survival Horror 3DS Game Corpse Party Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Listen, the Nintendo 3DS didn’t have a ton of horror games in its catalog but that doesn’t mean the handheld was without any spooky video games. In fact, one of the horror gems for the platform that launched into the market in 2015 was an installment to the Corpse Party franchise. This game has quite a following and it looks like we can expect a Nintendo Switch port to come out in the near future. Unfortunately, we’re uncertain if the game will hit western markets or not.

In this video game narrative, players follow a student who is spending the last few moments with his friends and teacher as he is leaving the school and transferring. To keep their friendship strong and bonded, they perform an innocent little ritual that took all of the students and their teacher into an alternate reality.

Trapped in a sadistic school filled with the spirits of deceased students, players will have to embark on a journey to remain sane and escape with their life. However, in order to find a means of escaping, players will have to uncover the mystery that surrounds this otherworld school and the murders that happened there years ago.

It was announced that Corpse Party Blood Covered: …Repeated Fear will be coming to the Nintendo eShop this year in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. It’s an enhanced edition with new characters, chapters, and scenarios that were not voiced in the 3DS will now feature voice work. Again, at the moment, this seems to be a release just in Japan for now but we’re hopeful that it will receive a western launch as well sometime in the near future.

Source: Gematsu