NBA 2K21 Now Features Advertisement Screens 


The official NBA2K Twitter account offered a statement for the recent ad placement in NBA 2K21. Apparently, the ad placement was not meant to be implemented in the pre-game introduction. While the ads are not being removed completely, we should see this fixed in the coming game episodes.

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2K Sports are under a bit of heat from fans as the recent NBA 2K21 video game developed by Visual Concepts has suddenly found advertisements being tossed into the game. We’re used to seeing advertisements now in 2K Games and it’s something that fans clearly do not want in their video game titles, but money talks and it looks like we’re still going to be enduring them for the foreseeable future. It wasn’t long that we saw a similar thing happen with UFC 4 where advertisements started to make its way inside the game. This prompted quite a bit of backlash by fans and the studios actually went back and reversed this decision.

We may see the same thing happen to NBA 2K21 where reports are coming out that advertisements that players cannot skip are showing up. It’s a frustrating move for players as it means that during certain sections of the game, even during loading, you’re forced to watch an ad on the title that you paid fully for. This report came out from Stevivor, which highlighted some game loading ads in a video which we will supply down below.

At any rate, fans are quick to jump online and showcase their frustrations over this move. For $59.99 a full video game purchase to come with ads along with in-game content for players to purchase doesn’t settle well with fans of the series. We’re not sure if the backlash will reverse this decision like the UFC 4 in-game advertisements. However, with the next-generation platforms releasing there may be even more frustrations if this trend continues. After all, there are plenty of studios that are pushing for a $70 price tag on new video game titles. 

So far, at the time of writing this, it doesn’t look like there are any official statements released over this matter and we’re uncertain if the ads will continue or if they will be removed altogether. For fans that still want to enjoy this game, NBA 2K21 is available right now, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Likewise, you can expect the title to release also on next-generation platforms in November. 

Source: Stevivor