PlayStation 5 Fan Can Be Tweaked Through Updates

2020 was a massively anticipated year for the video game industry. This was the year that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms into the market. Now after the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak occurred, plenty of fans wondering if these platforms would see the light of day before 2021 hits. Both companies have confirmed that their next-generation platforms will not be delayed and both of these consoles are actually on their way out into the market this coming month.

Still, there are bound to be plenty of reveals all the way up to the console platforms release. This year has been a tricky one for each company to deal with. The coronavirus health pandemic outbreak had shutdown essentially all of the expos and conventions that some of us would have gone to in-person. With both companies unable to physically tour their console platforms around for players to test, fans were instead prompted to watch various online streams that highlighted the hardware and software.

One of those highlighted online videos for the PlayStation 5 was a teardown. This video showcased all the components of the PlayStation 5 along with how they are put together. One of the key components of the PlayStation 5 cooling system is a massive fan. There’s only one fan for the PlayStation 5 and it was revealed that this single fan was not only the cause to keep the entire system cool but also the reason we’re seeing a rather large PlayStation 5 unit overall.

Now a new bit of information has come out when Sony’s Yasuhiro Otori unveiled that the PlayStation company could tweak the PlayStation 5 fan through a series of updates. By monitoring the data received for various units, Sony can actually tweak the PlayStation 5 to run slower or faster. Still, there are different monitoring measures put in place on the PlayStation 5 to trigger the fan to run faster if needed.

Source: Push Square