Former BioShock Creator Is Almost Done With Next Video Game Project

BioShock was such an iconic and massively popular FPS science fiction video game title that spawned three installments and DLC. However, at the end of the last installment’s DLC for BioShock Infinite, the studio behind the IP, Irrational Games, closed. It made some big news and while developers were quickly finding new employment from other studios, the mastermind behind the IP, Ken Levine, started his own studio under Take-Two called Ghost Story Games.

There was a ton of anticipation to see just what the developer would be bringing out after his time with BioShock, but over the past few years, nothing has emerged. In fact, it was always reiteration from Ken Levine of previous statements that this next video game will be another science fiction FPS video game but with a story narrative-focused journey and replay value. That could mean that after all the time Ken Levine has spent with BioShock could make for quite a unique new IP which may prompt a series of its own.

Right now, there’s nothing really known, but it does look like the studio is getting ready to wrap up on the project. A new job listing for Ghost Story Games, which was discovered by VGC, confirms that the studio is nearing the later stages of production. It’s also interesting to see that the studio is keeping up with a small team of about thirty employees. 

It also seems that there is a strong focus on getting the studio in a way that everyone attached to the project has an equal say. Rather than having voices dampened down, Ken Levine really wants everyone to have a say on how the project should go which again could provide for a unique experience. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what the studio has in the works as there’s been no teasers or trailers on the title quite yet.

Source: VGC