Apex Legends Receives Rating For Nintendo Switch Platform

Apex Legends is a battle royale video game title. It’s quickly becoming the latest and greatest within the genre due to the fact that is also another free video game title to download. Likewise, Respawn Entertainment kept this game a secret which generated a ton of hype when it was released into the market. Gamers quickly downloaded this title and it gathered millions of players within its initial launch week. Again, the game is a battle royale title so ultimately this first-person shooter will have players striving to be the last man standing.

Players will find that the game will focus on teams of three and that the characters featured are hero classed based which offers their own unique attributes and abilities. If you never really tried a battle royale title then honestly we save to give this title a try. It’s currently one of the biggest hit battle royale titles right now and as a result, you’ll find that there is a massive community actively playing the game. Best of all, if you have a few friends then you can easily start a squad together for online matches.

This game is available on quite a few platforms right now such as the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, it’s been confirmed that Nintendo Switch would see a release on the platform this fall season. Unfortunately, no details on just when the console would see a port available. Now it looks like we may see it sooner than later as a rating was found for the title on ESRB. Just like the other ports, it’s rated T, but this could be a good indicator that we’re getting ready to see the title available on the platform.

This would come in time for the next-generation platform releases which are where more attention may be diverted towards. Currently, there’s no official word on when the game ports will likely be available on the next-generation platforms. 

Source: VGC