The Outer Worlds Sequel May Be In Development

There’s a lot on Obsidian Entertainment’s plate right now. They have been working on several projects such as Grounded, the upcoming Avowed, along with bringing out DLC to their action RPG title The Outer Worlds. The latter of the group was recently held in the news headlines simply because we are getting ready to receive this title on the Steam digital marketplace. After nearly a year, The Outer Worlds has been exclusive to the Epic Games Store along with the Microsoft PC digital storefront.

It’s been a long wait for those that wanted to keep their digital PC game sunder one client, however, the wait will come to an end this month. While the game has been mainly talked about in regards to DLC, there has been new rumors that a sequel is in the works. This comes from an industry insider that alerted followers on Twitter of Obsidian Entertainment’s current work on a new installment to the franchise. We don’t know if this supposedly new installment will have any direct connections to the first game or not.

Furthermore, the bigger question some fans may have is just what platforms the second installment would release on. Obsidian Entertainment was working on The Outer Worlds for multiple platforms before being purchased by Microsoft. Fortunately, Microsoft allowed the studio to release the game on its intended platforms. Now that the studio is fully under control by Microsoft, we may see this franchise be available strictly on PC and Xbox branded platforms.

At any rate, this is just a rumor right now as we don’t have any official announcements regarding a new installment to The Outer Worlds at the current moment.

Source: Twitter