The Outer Worlds Finally Hitting Steam Marketplace This Month

Obsidian Entertainment is a pretty big video game development studio that was responsible for several RPGs over the years. However, their latest big RPG release came as a spiritual successor to their past science fiction installment to the Fallout franchise, Fallout New Vegas. I’m of course referring to The Outer Worlds, a title set in the distant future where government control and planet expansions have left a growing resistance. While the game has been available on consoles and PC platforms, it’s looking like we’ll soon get the ability to purchase the game through the Steam digital marketplace.

For just under a year now, we have seen Obsidian Entertainment release The Outer Worlds on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even the Nintendo Switch platforms. However, when it came to the PC platform, we’ve only been able to purchase the game on either the Epic Games Store or Microsoft’s digital storefront. Since then Obsidian Entertainment has been purchased by Microsoft which would have likely put some wondering if we would see the PC platform ever release on the Steam digital marketplace. 

Now it looks like we can expect The Outer Worlds to become available on Steam this October 23, 2020. This should be a welcomed announcement for those that have sworn off Epic Games Store or prefer to keep all their digital purchases on PC under one digital storefront. At any rate, those of you who want to dive into The Outer Worlds digitally for Steam won’t have much longer of a wait to endure. In the meantime, check out our Before You Buy episode footage on The Outer Worlds down below.

Source: PC Gamer