Minecraft Dungeons Will Receive Cross-Play Support Next Month

Mojang, best known for its release of Minecraft, has released a spin-off title known as Minecraft Dungeons. This is a different style of Minecraft game as players can’t build or craft, but instead will play the title as a dungeon crawler. Players will explore randomly-generated dungeons and defeat monsters, solve puzzles and locate treasures. While the game can be enjoyed alone, it’s best played with a group of friends with a total of four players embarking on the journey. 

Still, this game is a bit limiting in who you can play with. Since the game launched, there was no cross-play support which means you and your online party would have been on the same platform in order to enjoy the video game together. With that said, there’s been plenty of games releasing or have launched into the marketplace that offers the cross-play support. Now we will soon see Minecraft Dungeons also receive the same proper treatment. It’s been unveiled that Minecraft Dungeons will have cross-play support next month.

This was revealed during the Minecraft Live 2020 which as mentioned, would allow players who are on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms to enjoy the game together. However, there is still the issue of not allowing cross-save support, still, it’s at least a bonus that you and your friends won’t have to pick a particular platform to enjoy this game. This cross-play support will come in a November 2020 update which is set before the December 2020 Howling Peaks DLC arrives. 

In other news related to the Minecraft IP, Nintendo announced that Minecraft would be showcased in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This would allow a variety of Minecraft characters and enemies to join the fight with other iconic IPs for the Nintendo Switch exclusive fighting game. 

Source: IGN