Doom Co-Creator Is Ecstatic Over Microsoft ZeniMax Media Purchase

There was some rather big news that came out yesterday which you likely have already heard about. I’m of course referring to Microsoft purchasing ZeniMax Media which came with several video game studios and IPs. One of those studios happened to be Bethesda and id Software. Now it looks like a former developer for id Software and Bethesda is eager to potentially revisit some of the past IPs he’s helped create over the years.

John Carmack was a developer for id Software back in the heyday. The developer was responsible for several video game projects in the past, but included in the mix was Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. However, his time with the IP came to a real halt back in 2013 when John Carmack changed his career to focus on the Oculus Rift and VR. It was a bit of a difficult time as there was a legal battle between ZeniMax and John Carmack. In this legal lawsuit, there were claims that a lot of the documentation and tools to create the Oculus Rift were stolen by John Carmack but that lawsuit was settled a few years ago in 2018.

Now things may be looking up for John who took to Twitter to praise the purchase. According to the former developer for id Software, Microsoft doesn’t have any grudges against him and that could potentially open up some doors in which he could once again play with the IPs he’s helped create years ago. Now whether that happens or not remains to be seen especially with Doom doing incredibly well right now with the people behind the project. However, only time will tell if John Carmack will get to step back into the IPs once again.

We’re still waiting for certain questions to be answered by this purchase as well. There are quite a few studios that Microsoft now owns and just what projects are being worked on remains to be seen. At any rate, we’ll be keeping a close eye to see if John Carmack makes a big return into some of his old projects once again.

Source: PC Gamer