Rumor: NBA 2K15 to Include Celebrity Teams

Sometimes, NBA fans don’t want to play as the biggest stars on the best teams. One of the most unique contests of the year comes during all-star week, where a conglomeration of different celebrities takes to the court and shows the world their skills. Past iterations of the NBA 2K franchise have included a star-studded cast, and it looks like there’s a strong possibility that this feature will return in NBA 2K15.

A  Tweet has been sent out by 2K spokesman Ronnie 2K, asking US Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan if he’d like to be a part of the NBA franchise. Now, that might sound like a bizarre blend, but what you might not know is that Duncan has been draining buckets and throwing down blocks like a madman in the past few celebrity games. He’s not only looking after your schools, but also the rim.

“Have a great opportunity for you pertaining to the NBA 2K franchise. Follow me if interested,” Ronnie 2K told Duncan.

NBA 2K13 included names like Justin Bieber, JB Smoove, Wale, Bow Wow, Chamillionaire, Sean Kingston, Meek Mill, Vinny from Jersey Shore, Pauly D from Jersey Shore, Mac Miller and Brian Baumgartner in its celebrity game. Hopefully, Duncan will jump on board.